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What Residents Say About Living in Mile-Ex

Mile-Ex has received a great deal of buzz in the news lately. Vogue referred to it as “The Hidden Montreal Neighbourhood That’s Winning Over the Creative Set,” and CNN included it on a list of “12 of Montreal’s Best Neighbourhoods.”

With so much media attention, you’re probably wondering what residents say about living in the condos in Mile-Ex. What is it like to live in this up-and-coming neighbourhood?

It Has the Trendiest Restaurants

If you stand outside one of the condos in Mile-Ex and poll people going in and out, many will tell you that this neighbourhood is home to the trendiest restaurants in the city. Take Dinette Triple Crown, for instance. It doesn’t just have the best fried chicken around, but it also has a unique dining concept that residents love. You can get your meal in a picnic basket and take it to the nearby park. The picnic baskets are loaded to the brim, and it’s a fun way to dine.

This is just one of the trendy eateries. If you are into the foodie scene, you’ll absolutely love living in one of the condos in Mile-Ex.

The Hangouts are As Hip as the Neighbourhood

If you’re polling people who live in the condos in Mile-Ex, they’ll also mention the hip hangouts. Alexandraplatz Bar is named after the square in Berlin, and it’s the most happening place in the neighbourhood. It hosts a variety of parties throughout the summer and even has its own nighttime market.

There are also small, quiet little hangouts for those who want to relax after a long day at work, as well as places that sit somewhere between the calm and the wild. When you live in one of the condos in Mile-Ex, it’s easy to walk over to an establishment that meets your needs.

The Shops Are Out-of-This-World

The residents who live in the condos in Mile-Ex also rave about the shopping. The locally owned shops are unique and quirky, and it’s fun to look around and pick up some items. It’s normal to see residents hanging out at DOMA or one of the other cool little shops.

It’s Full of Hidden Treasures

The residents of Mile-Ex also talk about the neighbourhood’s hidden treasures. It’s not mapped out like a linear neighbourhood, so you have to do some exploring, but when you do, you’ll discover a hip bar behind a house or a creative space just a bit off the beaten path. That’s what makes this such a cool place to live. There seems to be a hidden treasure around every corner, just waiting for you to find it.

Are You Ready to Live in Mile-Ex?

Now that you know what the residents have to say about living in Mile-Ex, you fully understand why this is such a popular neighbourhood. Check out the condos in Mile-Ex and find one that fits your personality. Then, you can enjoy all these cool features and so much more.

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